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1. How much per square foot do you charge to build a home?
As a custom builder, this is one question that we can't answer! Asking this question is a lot like asking how much a car costs per pound! Each custom home is different, and something as simple as the "footprint" or shape of the home can affect its cost. (See diagram) In this diagram, both buildings A and B have an area of 100 square feet, but the total perimeter of A is 10 feet more than B - that means more brick, sheetrock, paint, etc. - 20% more - even though the square footage is the same. The amenities you choose will also be a major factor in the square footage cost of your home. A bathroom faucet can range from $39.00 - $1,200.00 or more… on a single bathroom you can spend as little as $750.00 for fixtures - or you can spend $12,000.00!

In order to determine a price for your new home, we must look at all the variables - the home plan, the amenities, and the site, before determining cost. Your home is unique…let us take the time to give you a proposal that reflects the home you want to build!

2. How do I choose the right builder?
Choosing a builder can be a difficult decision. To find the one who is right for you, set up an appointment to meet the builder. Take a look at a current project, get references, and ask questions about different phases of construction and how the process works. Talk to former clients, and even to subcontractors who work for the builder. The builder you hire should be licensed, bonded, and insured. He or she should be a member of the local HBA. Remember, the builder will be working for you - at Kenney-Moise, Inc. we are part of your team - and our job is to help you design and build your home to fit your budget and your needs.

3. How do I avoid cost overruns?
The best way to avoid surprises is to work with a builder who details all specifications in writing - before construction begins. Review these specifications carefully with your builder to assure that your wishes for your home are described correctly. By "building the home on paper", we are able to give you an exact cost for your new home - as long as you don't make any changes during construction! We suggest that you have generous allowances (an amount of money set aside for items which are not yet selected, such as lighting and plumbing fixtures) in order to avoid cost overruns.

4. Why is your company called Kenney-Moise, Inc. ? Who is Moise?
Julie Kenney grew up in the construction industry in Houma, Louisiana. Her father owned Greg Moise Company, Inc., a commercial general contracting firm. When Julie and Steve decided to name the company, they decided to include her maiden name was a way of honoring her family who provide the encouragement to start their own construction company.  So, the Kenney and Moise names both belong to Julie M. Kenney! Mystery solved!

5. How did you (a woman) get to be a builder?!
As mentioned earlier, Julie grew up with a construction background. However, both parents (Mom as a teacher and Dad as a general contractor) have influenced her career choices! After graduating from Newcomb College of Tulane University with degrees in Communications and Early Childhood Education, Julie taught school while earning Masters and Specialists degrees in Early Childhood education. After a while, building homes in the summer turned into a full time profession - and when Julie and her husband Steve moved to Mobile in 1991, she incorporated her company, joined the Homebuilders Association of Metro Mobile, and started building full time.

Julie says," I am fortunate to be in a profession which I love, supported by a professional organization which has helped my business grow (HBA), surrounded by superb trade contractors who make my homes look great, and own a business which allows me to spend time with my children and my husband, who is my number one supporter. What more could a woman want?!"

6.When did Steve join the company?
Steve has always been a part of the company.  We joke that he had a real job until 2003 when he joined the company full time.  Up until 2003 Steve worked with Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation in Theodore in a chemical engineering position.  He brings a different perspective to the home building process that compliments the company.

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