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Kenney-Moise, Inc. specializes in design-build construction.  This is a unique method of working with custom home building clients and one we believe results in the best value and building experience.

What is a custom home?  This is a home planned, designed, and built specifically for you and your family on a specific piece of property.

What is design-build construction?  Design-build construction is the method of planning, designing, and building a custom home where the client works with the builder and design team from the very beginning.  There are many benefits to using this process of custom home building.

Step 1:
Determine your preliminary budget range.  Visit your bank or lender for assistance if needed.

Step 2:
Do you own your land for building?  Typically our clients come to us after they have purchased or own the land they want to build on.  This is a good time to visit your bank or lender and get preliminary information on financing your project if necessary.

Step 3:
Choose your Custom Home Builder.  This may seem like an early step in the process, but this is an important step and should be made here to get your builder on your team and working with you on the project.  Refer to FAQs, choosing the right builder.  Trust and honesty are the key elements to a successful project.

Step 4:
Establish scope of the project.  Determine with your builder a preliminary budget, home size and expected finishes.  Think of these three elements as the legs of  a stool.  You as the client can specify any two of the three elements, the third element will be determined and calculated so the stool won’t fall over or lean.  For example, the client tells us the home size and finishes they want and then the budget can be calculated.  Or a client tells us the budget and home size and we can tell them the finishes that will work.  Our goal here is to balance each of the elements so we can move to the design stage.

Step 5:
Custom Home Design and Specifications.  The client, the builder and the designer work as a team to design a home on paper that will meet the needs of the client.  We work with you directly in this step to insure that the home design meets all your needs.  We build the home on paper with you and the designer.  This nearly eliminates surprises during the actual construction of your home.

Step 6:
Develop detailed pricing and contract to build.  We begin detailed pricing of each part of your home.  The final step is to provide a detailed construction contract and final specifications.

Step 7:
Begin the construction process.  Watch your home being built.  Our goal is to make the process understandable and enjoyable.  We welcome questions, comments, and stay in communication with you during this step.  Even if you live out of town we keep you updated through the use of web albums, email, and electronic communication.

Step 8: 
Welcome to your new home.  No surprises here.  We have been in business for over twenty years and pride ourselves on finishing the job and assisting with any questions that may happen after you are living in your home. 

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